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Netplux Financial leaders have over 40 years of experience in providing expert financial
solutions for International Governments, Associations, Financial Institutions and Private
businesses. We have specialized expertise in project financing and overall business acumen
globally. NetPlux as an Alternative Investor and Funding Partner, enables us to provide clients
with access to finance from coast to coast with some favorable terms and rates in the industry.

We are advocates for our clients. We strive to represent you in the best possible light to the
financial community. We put clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, integrity, and loyal
service. Our mission is to remove the burden of assembling data, finding and comparing
proposals as well as negotiating loan terms for board of institutions

M & A: NetPlux team assists companies to build a resilient game plan through with our
proactive deal sourcing and opportunistic deal evaluation, when pursued as part of our deliberate
and systematic M&A program, tend to yield strong returns over the long run with comparatively
low risk

Financial Portfolios

Line of Credit

Typically used for short-term financing of less than 1 year.


Medium-Term Loan

Financing for projects with 2 to 5 year repayment terms.


Long-Term Loan

Typically structured with payback over 7 to 20 years


Project Finance

Short term loans are combined with longer-term financing.